Apr 19, 2017 Dev Blog One response

Thanks for all the support over twitter. Seems like we have a legit following already.

The stream is stable and playing none stop beats, either via your preferred music player or via tunein. We are now listed in iTunes internet radio and our listeners are stable and happy beaters.

We are not affiliate with any youtube station as our string is traditional net radio available without a heavy load on your computer or cellphone battery.

Add our station to your player and forget… 😀 should work in your player else click the links on the right.

Want your beat in the schedule ? hit us up on twitter. @_lfhh


One comment on “Support

  1. This radio station is great, I recently found these genre of music through the chilledcow live stream on youtube, and now I listen to you guys, it’s just great music to accompany my work and study.

    Greetings from Colombia
    Best of luck for you and this project

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