Early Days
Mar 06, 2017 Dev Blog No responses

Early days here at LFHH – Exciting times ahead though.

The master plan

  1. setup shoutcast radio stream [DONE]
  2. submit to shoutcast, tunein, itunes etc [DONE]
  3. develop radio app for ios and android [IN PROGRESS]
  4. artist profile pages of all artists in rotation and their latest release [TO DO]
  5. artist track submission facility. [TO DO]
  6. video archives [TO DO]
  7. profiles of the leaders of lofi e.g tribute to nujabes. et al [TO DO]
  8. add livestream to youtube. [TESTING]
  • This is a personal project and not for profit . There wont be adverts, only adverts will be 3rd party in 3rd party applications that are out of my control.


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