new radio stream

We have our own radio stream!

This runs in parallel with our Big Sister Stream over at

Playing you the best , fresh lofi hiphop beats .

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We checked out their ep and we loved the lofi hiphop vibe. well worth checking out their soundcloud and getting into their beats n tings’

I love making music but it seriously sucks having a minimal amount of people listening when i feel like my quality is there and im finally making the music ive always wanted and am proud of. This is an album i made to mirror the darker hip hop instrumentals of the 90s largely inspired by mobb deeps production i wanted it to almost be like a movie soundtrack and i think its a good way to lose yourself in what living in that dark world would be like for 20 mins i have a more upbeat groovy album im really interested in getting out there as well if you end up liking this 🙂

Location: los angeles
Favorite producers: pete rock, statik selektah , havoc.
Influences: Funk, Disco, ambient, early to mid 90s hip hop (mostly east coast)

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Alta Xero

little is known but we loved the lofi vibe of their tracks. Thanks for the submission Alta Xero.,

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hi im a lonley boy from Chile haha, and i just make music everytime i breath
ty for readme

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I’m 19 and from a small town called Swindon in the UK. A lot of lo-fi influences mixed with smooth R&B. Some of my influences have been Madlib, Dilla and Clams Casino.
One of my favourite songs of all time is Frank Oceans Pink matter.
Smooth with a slight lo-fi distorted touch.

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Hiphop producer and drummer based in Strasbourg, GBO takes us to the high gear in a dreamlike contemporary epopee. We love the mature , well produced tunes and think it’s worthy of everyones rotation.

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Pierre Van der Heyde

A young Belgian artist living in Vilvoorde. They are currently trying different kinds of music genres and don’t really have a favorite track at the moment because they like listening to every genre out there.

But right now, I’m in my Lo-Fi moments. What I really want is to become an artist that doesn’t have limits, that can produce everything he imagined perfectly. I remember being at my cousin’s house and we were having fun making some music 4 years ago. It was the first time ever I really was in touch with music. Sinds then, I can’t really live without listening to music and making it. I’d like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my music.

Well we really enjoyed the vibe from their lofi beats so check out this new fresh unknown artist…



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lofi/expiremental/chillhop producer from cold cold Sweden, usually making the beats without samples.
Inspiration comes from a lot of different genres, anything from jazz and classical to boombap to uk garage to ambient.


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Jon Pablo

My name is Jon Pablo.
Jon like what my mama named me and Pablo like Picasso and Escobar.
I’m from a little town in Pennsylvania called Carlisle.
I grew up listening to my older brothers play Cypress Hill, Outkast and WuTang in the mid 90s and was still listening to The Lost Boyz, AZ, Nas and Cormega in the early 2000s while simultaneously falling in love with trap from people like Jeezy, TI, and Gucci Mane.
Ive been making music off and on since a roommate showed me propellerheads reason in 2008.
I just started getting into lofi and i also make trap-y retrowave-ish stuff.

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Yung Cody

I go by Yung Cody and I’m a lofi/trap producer from Long Beach, CA.

I’m heavily influenced by just Anime overall.

Artists like Nujabes, really had an impact on me growing and I was hoping to not replicate but use their techniques to craft my own songs.

My main goal with my Lofi tracks is to set a mood and draw a picture in your mind that takes you to the place that I was in when I made the track.

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